Thankful Thursday #2

Hey Guys!

First, I want to thank you all for your super sweet comments on my last two post. I loved hearing what y’all are thankful for on Thursday and I can’t even tell you how much I loved reading the comments on my last post. I was a bit nervous about posting it, but you guys made me realize that the nerves were totally unnecessary. Thank you for being respectful and taking your time to share your thoughts and opinions on the subject of animal consumption. Even those of you who do not necessarily agree with me were still very¬† supportive and encouraging. That is definitely something I am Thankful for! However, that is not what I’ll be focusing on in this 2nd installment of Thankful Thursday.

Before I begin, I just want to let y’all know that you are more than welcome to do a Thankful Thursday themed post on your own blog. How cool would it be to see Thankful Thursday’s popping up all over the place?

Anyway, after talking about Mom last week I really wanted to discuss how thankful I am for my Dad. However after spending way to much time unsuccessfully trying to upload pictures of my Dad and I, I’ve decided Dandy Daddy is going to have to wait until next week because I don’t want to post a sub par post about him.

Today, I am thankful for having a warm bed to sleep in.

It may sound clich√©, but this past week it has been pretty chilly and I’ve complained about being cold when I walk from my car into school or take my dog out. Umm spoiled brat much? I whine about being outside in the cold for 2 minutes, what about those who never are out of the cold? Having a warm place to stay is certainly not something I should take for granted. I am very thankful for that today!

What is one thing you are thankful for today? It can be anything, big or little, doesn’t matter!

~Ann Claire