Random Ramblings

1. Thanks for your incredibly kind comments regarding my prom pictures. I don’t post pictures of myself that often but y’all made me feel great! Seriously, with super sweet comments like that, who needs sugar in their life? Not me! (at least not for 4 more days!)

2. I haven’t posted a recipe in forever. Mostly because either a) I follow a recipe pretty closely and while I may share a link to it or whatever, I don’t feel like it’s mine to take credit for. Or 2) I don’t follow a recipe whatsoever and it’s kind of hard to share something without any measurements or anything. Hopefully that will be changing soon though!

3. I’m considering making The Flourishing Foodie twitter. But, I’m afraid no one will follow me and what fun is a twitter with like 2 followers? Lame.

4. I’m super excited to make Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Fudge Cupcakes for Easter. With a title like that, how can they not be delicious?

5. I would really love to go gluten, dairy, and sugar-free for a week. I can’t seem to find the motivation to actually do so. I actually think gluten may be the cause of my perpetual headaches. If it is the cause I may cry. I love bread way too much.

7. If you have any comments or suggestions for my blog or things you’d like to see me post about in the future, please let me know :)

8. I have a half day of school tomorrow, no school Friday or Monday and am missing school Tuesday for tennis. Long weekend  much? Life is good.

Anything random you’d like to ramble about? I’m all ears!

Spinach + Prom

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I enjoyed all of your lovely suggestions on how to use up all the spinach. Popeye was onto something; spinach can be great! A few of my favorite uses…

Warm Strawberry Bacon Orzo Salad served up with a yummy turkey burger.

If you don’t think you like spinach, try it with bacon. You might just change your mind :)

Dark mixed green + extra spinach + strawberries + baby yellow tomatoes + red onion + goat cheese + chicken. Super simple yet extremely tasty. A light drizzle of balsamic + olive oil + seasonings was added post photo op.

Other ways I enjoyed eating spinach: Green smoothies, with hot pasta, sautĂ©ed. I really can’t remember all the ways I used it!

Onto more important matters (spinach isn’t the most important thing in life? what?). Prom was last night.

I have a general policy of avoiding school dances. I haven’t been to one since homecoming freshmen year (I’m a Junior now). I’m really not sure; they just aren’t really my thing. I considered skipping out on prom. But, did I really want to sit at home alone while all my friends were at prom? Or watch all my friends upload pictures onto Facebook and not be tagged in any of them? Umm, heck no! I didn’t want to miss out on the festivities!

And you know what I realized? If you’re being crazy and having a good time, no one even notices your dancing skills…or lack thereof :)

Have you every been to prom? Do you like dances?