Christmas Break!

Salvete! (yes, that would be Latin for hello)

3 quick items of note:

1) Mid terms are over!!! I took my last one yesterday morning and am now officially on Christmas break! Wahoo!!!

2) Check out my guest post at Fit Chocoholic

3) Anyone have any good time passing car activities? I”m going to be spending lots of time in the car tomorrow and my family is not  exactly the road trip type. Suggestions of what we can do to make the trip go by faster?

I hope everyone is having a marvelous Christmas season! 8 days until Christmas, oh my!

How do y’all fill about riding in the car for extended periods of time? Loathe it? Enjoy it?

I love traveling, but  don’t enjoy the actual transportation part of it. For anything more than a few hours I definitely prefer flying.

~Ann Claire