Sickness Prevention

Hey guys!

How is everyone doing? I must say I’m doing pretty darn good today, but yesterday not so much. Yesterday, I felt like I was getting sick. My body just felt weak and achy all over and my sinuses were throbbing. But, I was absolutely determined not to get sick. With plans to head to Colorado this weekend there was no room for illness on the agenda.

A few things I did to prevent sickness:

  • Took vitamin C
  • Took Echinacea vitamins
  • Drank lots of water
  • Drank orange juice
  • Drank green tea
  • Got plenty of rest


Not sure what did the trick, but by this afternoon I was feeling great!I honestly rarely get sick, some people might think I’m crazy for saying this but I attribute my non sickness to the fact that I am not a germa-phobe and  that I don’t use hand sanitizer. I believe that because I allow myself to be exposed to some bacteria it strengthens my immune system so that it can better fight against sickness.

It’s not totally related, but I also never get any sort of vaccinations or shots. I actually find it sort of ironic that never in my life have I had a flu shot and never in my life have I had the flu (fingers crossed!).

What do you do to prevent yourself from getting sick?

By the way, I do not think that hand sanitizer, shots, or vaccinations are all-together bad or anything. But, for me personally, because my body is strong and healthy, I don’t think they are necessary.

As a side not, I have decided to only do a full out Thankful Thursday post on the first Thursday of every month and just mention little things I am thankful for on the other Thursday’s.

Today I am thankful for having a 4 1/2 day weekend and for feeling better!

Have a good weekend everyone!

~Ann Claire