Hello Friends!

Welcome to A Flourishing Foodie, I’m so glad you stopped by! My name is Ann Claire, one girl two names. You can call me Annie if you’d like, but just plain Ann will not do. I’m 17 years old and have had a passion for all things food for as long as I can remember. Experimenting in the kitchen is something that has always brought me joy.

I do not like the word healthy, almost as much as I dislike the word unhealthy. However, I do try to eat a nutritious diet that nourishes me so that I am able to succeed in all my endeavors. Of course, food should certainly be enjoyed and I think there’s room in everyone’s diet for a few treats, being restrictive is certainly no fun. Somewhere between the scarfing down Root Beer Float Cupcakes 

and cooking up veggies,

I strive to find some sort of balance.

If you have any questions/comments feel free to email me at theflourishingfoodie@yahoo.com

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