What I Ate Wednesday

I decided to join in on Peas and Crayons‘ WIAW party!

My day began with a grapefruit + a handful of Habenero BBQ almonds.

I ususally don’t like almonds because I find them really bland, but these are soooo good.


I ate this thinking I was going to the gym and it would be a good, little pre-gym snack, but I didnt’t make it to the gym for a few more hours.

Around 11:00 a.m., I decided to mix up some of Mama Pea‘s Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.

With a mug of tea, yum!

After finally going to the gym and then running some errands, I had I snacked on some blueberries and veggie sticks

this x 2

and an unpictured granola bar.

Soon, dinner came rolling around:

The meal featured Mama Pea’s Black Bean Burgers, served on an English muffin bun (love those nooks and crannies!) with plenty of smashed avocado, lettuce and tomato. Along side, were some butternut squash fries and sweet corn on the cob. I will admit, I gave most of the fries to my dad. They tasted strinkingly similiar to sweet potatoes, which I do not like (sweet potato soup is a unique exception).

So, there you have it: my totally random day of eats, made espicially random by my going vegan for a week. I ususally try to eat more greens/veggies then I did yesterday, but I’m sure I’ll make up for it today :)

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

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24 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Hey Ann! It looks like the button is working but the link isnt? oh wordpress shenanigans! ;) To make any code (like a button or banner) work in wordpress you want to switch your text box (the one you write your posts in) to HTML, paste the code, and then switch back to the normal format to continue writing per usual. Let me know if that works for ya! I’m here if you need me!

    Happy WIAW!!! <3

    ps: i'm going to raid my pantry for those almonds… i know they're in there somewhere… ahhh so good!

  2. Mmm, what a delicious day of eats! I especially love those pancakes. Apple pancakes are SO good! :)

    English muffins as a burger bun? That’s an amazing idea!! I MUST try that sometime! :D

    My fave thing I ate this week was probably CCK’s cookie dough dip – SO SUPER GOOD!!

    Have an amazing rest of the week!!
    <3 <3

  3. Ohh you have me droooooling over that dinner! Black bean burgers speak to my heart. I also looove blue diamond almonds. I ate the wasabi ones until we got TJ’s in my hood. Now I buy their wasabi almonds and I loovee them.

  4. I’ve seen those veggie sticks at the store but I’ve never tried them! I want to though. I love crunchy snacks :)

    Best thing I’ve eaten today: The greek yogurt I had for breakfast. YUM!

  5. Those almonds sound so good! I love almonds, AND I love everything spicy and BBQ, so why not? And the best thing I’ve eaten so far this week has got to be some homemade guacamole–I was craving it and it just hit the spot.

  6. I know this sounds weird, but I would totally make almond butter out of those bbq almonds. I’ve done it with the jalepeno flavor and I ate it in a sandwich with salsa. I love it. Savory nut butter is actually awesome.

    Best thing I ate today was a tortilla sandwich with chocolate coconut butter (cacao bliss), marshmallow fluff, strawberry jam. unfortunately it was the last of my cacao bliss. tears were shed.

    • Peas and Thank You, you mean? Yes, I have tried severalof Mama Pea’s recipes ever since I bought her cook book last week. They’ve all been really tasty. Nope, I actually don’t add sugar to it. I used to one and one day I just stopped and realized I like it without sugar. Most people do though and if you’re just trying it, you’d probably want to.

  7. Those black bean burgers look amazing! I’ve never had a homemade black bean burger, but I’ve tried the Morningstar frozen ones. I had a spicy one with peppers and corn. Plus the fiber in it is a bonus!! :)
    The best thing I ate this week was some reallyyy good butternut squash soup with broccoli and croutons, and these amazing potato broccoli pancakes. Plus I had some white chocolate Kit Kats. That was pretty BOMB as well. ;)

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