Monday Matters

1. My brief lack of blogging is because I spent the weekend (err Wednesday through Saturday) in Keystone. My dad has a conference there, the basic theme for the event was “making Colorado the healthiest state.” There were a few sessions about nutrition and my dad invited me to attend snuck me into one of them. I’ll be discussing it more in a future post.  Look forward to that soon!

2. We climbed our first fourteener on Saturday! The atlitude + rockiness + steep incline made this a tough hike, but we made it!

3. I totally lied to you the other day when I said something about 61 songs. It was an accident. The number is actually higher. STOP JUDGING ME.

4. I start school in 11 days. Nooooooooooo. Summer reading, College apps, SAT stuff, and service hour sheets will be occupying my week. It shall be lots of fun (what is this, opposite day??).

5. I’m going vegan for the week. Actually, 5 days. The thing that is making it most difficult is I’m refusing to use any substitutes. No margarine, tofu, or soy yogurt for me. I’m sure if I was a long-term vegan I would use those things on occasion (except for margarine, I would NEVER cheat on butter like that) but I figure I can go without them for 5 days. I will be making lots of Mama Pea recipes.

Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love

6. I head back to Texas a week from Wednesday. I’m going to die in the heat.

7. I have a super easy, tasty, healthy, breakfast to share with you.

Trail Tacos

Whole-wheat tortilla + natural pb + granola + honey + apple slices + cinnamon

Try ittttttttttt.

Seal with peanut butter (it help it stay closed!) and love.

Make ahead, store in the fridge, grab when you’re hungry.

Perfect thing to eat while climbing mountains, listening to teeny bopper music, or reading borrrring books.

Can you believe it’s August 1st???

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13 thoughts on “Monday Matters

  1. Trying to make colorado healthier is funny because I already perceive it as such a health conscious place. I guess there is always room for improvement! Trail tacos sounds heavenly, I bet banana would taste really good in there as well!

    I want to hear all about your vegan for 5 days challenge! I want to try it sometime this year.. not sure when. I was planning on doing it this summer but timing never worked out! Maybe sometime this winter I will!

    • It is one of the healthiest states. I guess what they are doing is working! Yes, my parents have had them with banana. They say banana + apple works best so you still get the crunch from the apple. I’ll definitely let you know. I’ve been wanting to do it all summer. Sunday I realized this week is really my last opportunity. So, I decided to just do it!

  2. It’s hard to believe that it’s August 1st already! Time just keeps going by faster and faster! And I looove tortilla roll-ups. I’m actually about to have one with some coconut butter.

  3. I can BARELY believe that it is the 1st!! It is so crazy how fast this year has gone by.

    I am so glad that you will be coming back to Texas! Then we can see each other. :)

    Your wrap sounds delicious! ESPECIALLY since it’s SEALED with Peanut Buttah. YUM! :)

  4. Isn’t Colorado already the healthiest?! Anyway, that’s awesome that you went. :) Definitely wanna hear all about it! That wrap looks sooooooo good. I’ve made something similar. I heated a tortilla, spread some peanut butter on it and sliced up a banana, added a little drizzle of honey and cinnamon and folded it up and sliced it! Kind of like a quesadilla, or “banana-dilla” if you will. :)

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