Pains, Gains, and Automation

I don’t discuss that many serious topics on  my blog. I usually try to keep things light and fun and delicious. But, there are serious issues that can’t be ignored.

The 2010 obesity rate statistics just came out. The state I’m currently residing in has the lowest obesity rate, yet it still has an obesity rate of 19.8%. In 1995 a 19.8% obesity rate would have put it at the very top of the list. In the last 16 years (and even before that) our country has become increasingly unhealthy. It scares me. It makes me said. It makes me want to get out there and change the world. The problem is, I’m not sure how.



Fifty percent of American women have tried 5 or more diets in their lifetime. Practically everyone has some sort of body image issue, and eating disorder rates are quite high. Clearly, the way our country views healthy living is seriously skewed and has been for my entire lifetime.

Something has got to happen. Something big! Soon! I’m just not sure what. The way we live just isn’t natural. For centuries people have gotten along just fine without ever uttering the words workout or nutrient or exercise or vitamin, but we’ve decided to perform study after study trying to find the best way to exercise, the best way to lose weight, the healthiest way to eat. Yet, we’ve gotten nowhere. The only thing these studies have proven to me is that the human body knows what it needs and functions very well on its own.


Honestly, in order to solve the obesity epidemic, I think the entire American lifestyle needs to change. People aren’t meant to obsess over food with unpronounceable names or spend hour after hour in facilities filled with heavy metal objects pushing themselves to the point of undeniable exhaustion just to maintain a healthy weight. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Movement and activity should be a way of life, not something we go out of our way to do.

Even if there was a feasible way to change the American lifestyle, skeptics would be abundant. People enjoy sitting on their couch  shoveling in piles of fried food for hours on end. People like being able to drive anywhere they want to go.


Do not lose heart; I’m not discouraged. I’m not throwing in the towel and accepting the fact that this is just the way our country is. I’ve just got a lot more thinking to do.

I think if I could go back in time, I might “disinvent” the automobile, the television, and all soda. I don’t blame our unhealthyness on those objects, but they certainly do play a vital role in getting our country to the state it is in currently.

What are your thoughts on the obesity epidemic of the Western World? How do you think it could be solved?

If you could select on thing that contributes most to obesity and eliminate it, what would it be?

I’m sure I will post on this subject again in the near future. This post was really just putting my thoughts out there.

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9 thoughts on “Pains, Gains, and Automation

  1. Very true. I’m glad at least someone realizes that they can’t just give up, but instead continues to think of how to solve the obesity problem. TV, video games, cars, food with unpronouncable ingredients- all are causes of obesity. In the recession, when people are poorer than ever, the price of healthy food increases while the price of junk like Twinkies and chis continues to go down. No wonder people in the West are obese!

  2. Omg, I had no idea! Fifty percent of women have tried FIVE or more diets?! That’s pretty crazy. I agree with you 100%; this IS an epidemic. And it’s scary.
    I believe people need to change their lifestyles completely; not just go on random fad diets twice every year.
    If I could go back, I would definitely take away the harmful chemicals and preservatives companies use in their products!

  3. Whenever I go to the YMCA there are a lot of people having fun on all the machines. Cars are really useful for going long distnaces because msot people can’t afford to fly across the country if they want to visit someone. Soda can be tasty but only in moderation. TV is a good way of educating people about what is going on around the world. I don’t think these things should be “un invented”.

    • You are right and I’m sorry if I’ve offended or upset you. Do I actually think they should be disinvented? No neccessarily, I just think that that all three(soda, TV, Cars) have become a bit overused and have radically effected the American lifestyle. I think my opinion is a little skewed as I don’t really like soda or tv and would love to live somewhere where everything is easily accessible without a car……I might have fit in better in the 1800′s :) Also, I do workout at the gym. I actually wish I had worded that a little differently. It’s not that that I think that they are bad. Ideally we’d lived in a world where these things aren’t neccessary to stay in shape. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  4. ugh this problem disgusts me. It’s so sad how fast we debilitate ourselves. i mean, it wasn’t long ago that our country was decently healthy. I think fast/convenience food is a major contributor, plus our lack of physical activity. We make it too easy to get “good” food cheap and fast, and we make it too easy to forego any work that our bodies were made to do. We really need to clean ourselves up for sure, who knows how, but somethings gotta give.

  5. Good post- the thing is people just need to find balance with everything. Tv, drinks, sugar, exercise, and beyond can all be “good” or “bad” when they get out of control.

  6. I think that the reliance of the “Western World” upon QUICK, pre-packaged foods & fast food is definitely a HUGE part of the problem. Coupled with the lack of exercise–lethal combo!!

  7. Such an interesting post. I think the biggest contributor to the obesity epidemic is the problem with portion sizes. Value meals and super-sized meals are just ridiculous, and so are most restaurant portion sizes. Our minds have been tricked about what is “enough” food and oftentimes small portion sizes make us think that we aren’t getting “our money’s worth.”

    I think fixing that would help solve the epidemic, as well as a HUGE increase in the amount of activity that people do. Living an active lifestyle is the key, it creates balance and let’s people enjoy food without becoming unhealthy!

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