Hermit, Will You Marry Me? (Newman’s Own Organics Review)

Hey Bloggity Friends!

Just wanted to check in and report back to you about some of the Newman’s Own Organic products that I have tried thus far. First, you should know that they are a super cool company and give tons of many to charity. And by tons, I mean like over 300 million dollars. Yeah, they are pretty awesome.

And just as a disclaimer: yes, they sent me the products for free. No, I am not required to say nice things about them.

But, how to do their products taste? Well, I already mentioned that these pretzels are awesome.

Seriously, you should go buy some. Like now.

Next up, we tried their Hint O’ Mint Newman-O’s.

I really enjoyed these. The taste/texture is very similar to that of an Oreo, but with a slight minty flavor. So, if you like Oreos you are sure to love these. While I wouldn’t consider these healthy (darn it!), I do like that they are made with mostly organic ingredients and certainly believe they can be part of a nutritious diet.



The only chocolate I’ve tried so far is the 70% dark chocolate. It’s smooth and has a nice flavor, something I would totally purchase. Perfect amount of darkness, without being too bitter. While I eat 90% chocolate sometimes, 70% or so is really my favorite. You people who eat 100% straight up are crazy…. but I love ya anyway :)


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Fig Newman’s. But, I probably don’t like Fig Newton’s either so I’m not a very good judge. Everyone else who tried them seemed to enjoy them, so I’m sure they’re wonderful, just not my cup of tea (I do love a good cup of tea!)

I loved the orange flavor in the Orange Chocolate Chip cookies. It’s what set them apart from the average store-bought cookie, in my opinion. My mom’s comment was “I don’t usually buy store-bought cookies but if I was going to, I’d buy these.” The only issue I have with them is that a serving is only four and the cookies are pretty small so if you’re like me and have the self control of a monkey it would be easy to eat way more than a serving.

But, by far the favorite thing I’ve tried so far that Newman’s sent me are these little guys.


Cinnamon Hermits. They’re so chewy and soft and flavorful and delicious and I like that they’re different from your regular ol’ cookie. They actually taste homemade. Overall, I love them. Like, I might marry them if I could. Is marrying cookies legal? In California?

I think that’s all that I’ve tried to far. In a few weeks, I’ll report to you about the rest of the stuff and hopefully I’ll eventually have a giveaway too!

Have you tried any of Newman’s Own Organics products? Which of the above sounds the best to you?

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13 thoughts on “Hermit, Will You Marry Me? (Newman’s Own Organics Review)

    • Truth is, I wish I liked it because it’s so good for you and doesn’t have all the added sugar and junk. But, I just don’t….maybe one day I’ll come around.

  1. I ADORE Newman’s Own! Their peanut butter creme cookies are mine and my boyfriend’s favorite. I also love all of their pretzel varieties (especially the protein ones!)

  2. Hmm I hope marrying cookies is legal in NJ! I think I would probably enjoy all these cookies. I really want to try their Ginger cookie sandwiches though. I almost caved and bought them today. I wish they had single serving or variety packs so that I could try before committing because I want to try every flavor to be honest!

    • Yes, I wish that about so many products. I have major commitment issues when it comes to food purchasing :)

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Newman’s Own before! But omg; those cinnamon cookies look and SOUND heavenly. And I’d definitely liek to try the fig ones too, I love Fig Newtons!

  4. I love love love Newman’s Own!!!!! The pasts sauces are great and the salad dressings and great and there’s a cookbook, too, called the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Cookbook, I think.

  5. I love everything that Newman’s Own puts out. Bummer that you’re not a big fan of the fig newmans. I have a relationship with those…Mmmmmmm..

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