Back to My Roots

So let’s be honest, sometimes there are certain recipes I want to post, but I don’t because they aren’t healthy (<- I really hate that word). And if I were to mention an unhealthy (<- hate that word even more) food I feel like I have to make an excuse or justify eating said food. I know that it’s probably all in my head as you guys are like the nicest people ever, but I’m still sick of it.

I just want to make food that is good. Food that people enjoy. If I had to choose between something healthy or something delicious, I’d pick the delicious food every time.

You see, food and I go way back. When I was 6 or 7 I started a restaurant called “Train Depot.” The recipe was open around noon for lunch and again in the afternoon for snack hour. It even had menus. Keep in mind the only customers were my 3 older siblings (we were all homeschooled back then). I think the name came because the first time I “operated” the restaurant I served the food to “customers” dining in a train we made in our backyard out of the chairs from the kitchen table. My brother was certainly my most loyal customer. He would often order the “casadillas” or grilled cheese, two of our specialities. Side dishes included yogurt and apple sauce. For dessert my favorite thing to serve was Graham Cracker Suprise which involved graham crackers, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Nevermind the fact that none of the menu offerings had more than 3 ingredients; it was something I enjoyed doing. I enjoyed serving my siblings and seeing how it made them happy when I made them lunch.

Flash forward a few years to when I was 9 or 10 on my parents anniversary. They decided to keep things simple and have a simple anniversary dinner at home. I begged to cook and serve them dinner. My mom and I compromised by picking up a Central Market Dinner for Two which I plated and served to them. But, I did get to make the dessert. I made Volcanoes (aka molten lava cakes) and topped them with raspberries and whipped cream before taking them out to my parents who were dining on the back patio. I was so proud of what I made and nothing made me happier than seeing my parents enjoying the dessert that I had made.

To me, that’s what food is all about. Sure it’s fuel and nutrition and all that good stuff, but ultimately it’s about bringing joy to others. I feel like in the past year or so I’ve gotten so caught up in making healthy food that I have strayed from what began my love for food. I’m still that little girl whose eyes light up when a new culinary creation turns out well and who enjoys nothing more than having someone else enjoy a dish she has made. I never wantthat to change.

So, in the future, I may post some not-so-healthy recipes. No shame. No excuses. It’s my blog and I can post about whatever I want. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry. But, there’s a lot of food that I enjoy that isn’t neccessarily healthy (depending on how you define the word) and I see that as no reason to stop me from eating it.

Sound good?

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14 thoughts on “Back to My Roots

  1. Great post!!!!! It can be tough to post certain things, and I think you did a great job!!!!
    I’m definitely looking forward to all of your recipes!

  2. Great post!!! Girl, you post whatever you want! Like you said, it’s YOUR blog! And I honestly think that eating some “not so healthy” food is actually really healthy. (Ice cream? Yes, please! :) ) And who defined healthy anyway? In my opinion, healthy is listening to your body and eating what it craves. In other words, I agree with everything you said in this post! :D
    <3 <3

    p.s. My brother and I used to love to make dinner for our parents! We created a menu and did a three course meal – soup, salad, main course, dessert. I want to do that again so bad!! Especially since I can actually cook a little bit now. ;)

  3. Sounds AWESOME. Oh my gosh I get SO caught up in “healthy” eating sometimes, that it just stresses me out. Like when I’m on vacation and I can’t get a “healthy” option, I start stressing out and I don’t even enjoy my food! How ridiculous is that?!

    Your Menu is SO cute. I love how you spelled “Sandiches” hahaha So cute!

  4. That menu is adorable! I used to do that all the time.
    Don’t worry about posting “unhealthy” recipes. The truth is, no recipe is unhealthy unless you eat too much of it or eat it all the time. It’s about balance! If someone is really concerned that it’s too “unhealthy” they can make changes themselves, but you should post what you want because it’s your blog.

  5. GREAT post girl! I am so happy to finally see someone posting about this. It’s easy to feel “judged” by other bloggers as far as food is concerned, but don’t. That’s exactly right: if they don”t like it, then don’t see it.
    That restaurant you had as a child is the most adorable thing EVER! Food is so important to me; different foods take me away to different times of my life. We shouldn’t stray away from our favorite foods EVER! If we like it, we eat it. And that’s that :)

    Loved this!

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