While I’m Away

The retreat I’ve been teaming for starts tomorrow and I’m so excited. Please pray that is a wonderful retreat, everything goes smoothly, and the retreatants get a lot out of it. As soon as the retreat is over on Sunday, I’ll be traveling to Colorado. So, since I’ll be away from my computer for the next several days I’d thought it would be fun to link back to a few of my favorite post from last summer, before most you probably read my blog.

Hello Blogging World My first ever post. Enough said.

Veggie Lovin’ a fun post involving Greece (the movie) and plenty of greens.

Living LIFE Is healthy eating worth if it interferes with being social?


Deeper Thoughts:

Nutritional Relativism

Why I’m Ethically Okay With Eating Meat


You should also check out what are currently my two favorite blogs. There’s a good change you already read them, but if not…

Peas and Thank You

How Sweet It Is

They both have incredible writing styles that just make me smile, beautiful photographs, and amazing recipes.

What blogs have you been loving lately?

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5 thoughts on “While I’m Away

  1. Have fun on your retreat!! I haven’t looked through any of my old posts yet since my blog is still pretty young. I know the pictures are awful though!
    I love Mama Pea’s blog!! The girls are too cute and the recipes are amazing. Not to mention she’s hilarious!

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