Summer Plans: an explanatory and personal post

I’ve been out of school for a week and a half now so I thought it might be fun to discuss my summer plans with you. This Thursday through Sunday I will be helping with a retreat (I was a retreatant on this retreat last year, you may recall). After the retreat is over I will be heading to Colorado for two months. Why will I be spending such a long time in Colorado, you ask?

Texas is way too ridiculously hot!

Colorado is awesome!

Mountains are beautiful!

In CO when you hang your towel up to dry after showering it’s actually dry the next time you come back (darn you Texas humidity!)

My kitchen in Colorado is way better than my current kitchen!

White water rafting in CO sounds like so much fun!

Did I  mention Texas is hot?

And humid?

While all the above are true, none are the reason why I’m going to be spending the majority of my summer in Colorado. To explain I’ll have to tell you about something I’ve been putting off telling you since September. Why? I’m not sure. I just never mentioned it. I’ve taken several trips to Colorado lately, most of which I’ve neglected to mention to you. Please forgive me for neglecting to share such a big occurrence in my life (I’ll post a delicious recipe tomorrow to make up for it).

You see, in August 2010, my dad accepted a position working at a hospital in Western Colorado. My parents decided it would be best for our family to have me finish high school in Texas. My mom travels back and forth between Texas and Colorado. In January, my sister who is 6 years older than me and graduated college in December ’09 accepted a job as a wedding planner back home. Having my sister here has been great since that way my mom can leave and I’m not by myself. In February, we sold our house and moved into an apartment (we had already bought a house in CO).

The situation hasn’t been perfect. I know it makes my dad sad when he can’t be with the rest of our family. And of course I miss him dearly. I have even felt guilty that my parents are sacrificing so much for me so that I can finish high-school at my current school. But, I know that it was the right decision for our family.

So, come Sunday afternoon, my mother and I will be heading up to Colorado and I will be spending the remainder of the summer there. Don’t worry though, I have big plans for blogging from CO! In fact, many of my favorite kitchen gadgets have been moved there and I love the kitchen there and I have about a million recipes book marked. It shall be a fun summer!

What are your summer plans? What is your favorite summer recipe?

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8 thoughts on “Summer Plans: an explanatory and personal post

  1. Wow that’s crazy! I’ve never been to Colorado, but my cousin goes to college there (she is from Texas too, haha!) and she loves it. It so nice that you’ll be able to spend more time with your Dad this summer too.
    My summer is busy! I’m doing a ton of traveling, getting my wisdom teeth out, going to camp, etc. It’s gonna be fun but I’m gonna get soooo tired!

  2. I’ve never been to Colorado or texas, but I know what humidity is! That’s great you will be able to spend the summer away from the humidity! Have fun, and I look forward to reading all the exciting posts that come out throughout the summer :)

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