Grilled Avocado and Apple Waffle Sammie

I wanted something yummy for dinner

as opposed to the evenings when I want something gross

Oh wait, I always something delicious.

But, I don’t always get it

Actually often I do

Enough rambling,

It’s amazing how complicated I can say “Tonight’s  dinner was tasty”

You what was even more remarkable?

This tasty dish I’m talking about  was a sandwich.

I generally don’t like sandwiches.

But, this was a waffle sandwich.

Spraying the pan wasn't enough....butter to the rescue!

The interior is smooth and creamy, yet crisp and crunchy; Sweet yet savory. The exterior resembles a waffle. I’ve never met anything remotely waffle-ish that I don’t love.

Grilled Avocado and Apple Waffle Sammie

2 slices bread (I used seeded Ezekiel)

1/2 a small avocado mashed

1/4 of an apple sliced thinly (eat the remaining 3/4 alongside the sandwich)

Turkey (omit if you’re not of the meat eating variety)

A slice of cheese (optional, I didn’t use)


Spread the avocado mixture on both slices of bread and top one slice with apples, turkey and cheese (if using) and remaining piece of bread. Butter the bread and put the sandwich into a waffle iron (or panini press or just a pan on the stove). If using a waffle iron, you may want to but something heavy on top of it. Cook until lightly browned. Enjoy!

I may have shed a few tears when I realized it was almost gone.

Moral of the story: You should make this sandwich.

At least then I’ll have someone to cry with.

Or we can just make each other more sandwiches.

That would probably be better.

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7 thoughts on “Grilled Avocado and Apple Waffle Sammie

  1. Before I got a panini press I always used my waffle iron to make panini’s! It’s a pain in the but to clean, but I miss having the squares all over my sandwich. I absolutely love the combo of apple and avocado. I would actually like to try this with an egg instead of turkey!

    • Oh I bet it would be good with an egg! It would be great as a breakfast sandwich too. I really want to try it on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread.

    • So I know you left this comment a while ago, but I just wanted to say that it totally made my day that you found the post hilarious :)

  2. Okay, you had me at avocado. By the time I realized your sammie has apples AND avocados I went locoooo! This looks like SUCH a GREAT combo! Definitely something I would try out XD

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