Since I last posted…..

I had a birthday….

My oldest sister and me

I got lucky that my birthday was on the day of our Junior ring mass so we got out of school at 10:30 am. Afterwards, we of course had to go out for a birthday brunch with friends which involved cake #1

Later Lemon Basil Strawberry Mouse was enjoyed (like I mentioned in this post)

The desert was light, fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, the lemon and basil flavors didn’t come through as strongly as I would have liked. It was still yummy and very spring/summer-y. The gingerbread snap crust we served it in was great, too :)

A few days later, I got a new camera….

Which I didn’t allow myself to use much for a few days because

I studied and then took several finals :/…

Then, Thursday I rejoiced because my summer break officially started!!

I then spent the weekend at the lake…

And now I sit here before you, excited about the fact that I will be blogging much more frequently and not nearly this many things will occur before I talk to you again.

What have you been up to lately?

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7 thoughts on “Since I last posted…..

  1. Happy belated birthday Ann Claire! :) I’m so excited to blog more frequently too now that I’m also on summer vacation! And I love going to the lake! My aunt and uncle have a cottage in Indiana that we go to for the 4th of July – so fun!

  2. Happy Birthday Ann!!! (it’s belated, but better late than never huh?!) :P
    I am so glad you are already out of school, and so excited for you because it looks like you’ve been having a great time!!!

    That cake looks delicious :)

  3. Happy late birthday! Sweet camera, I’m salvitating :)
    It’s awesome you’re doing the sugar-free challenge too, good thing it started after your birthday. I couldn’t imagine a birthday without a decadent, frosting-y cake!

  4. I’m glad you had a good birthday!! Totally jealous of your new camera too. I’m asking for one, but I know mine won’t be quite as schnazzy. I’m so happy that you’ll be able to blog more often now that summer is here! I’m looking forward to that too.. but I still have 2 weeks. Ewww.

    • The camera isn’t nearly as fancy as it looks. I got a super good deal on it too! In August when I’m going back to school and you’re still happily enjoying summer I”ll be the one of jealous of you :)

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