Since I last posted…..

I had a birthday….

My oldest sister and me

I got lucky that my birthday was on the day of our Junior ring mass so we got out of school at 10:30 am. Afterwards, we of course had to go out for a birthday brunch with friends which involved cake #1

Later Lemon Basil Strawberry Mouse was enjoyed (like I mentioned in this post)

The desert was light, fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, the lemon and basil flavors didn’t come through as strongly as I would have liked. It was still yummy and very spring/summer-y. The gingerbread snap crust we served it in was great, too :)

A few days later, I got a new camera….

Which I didn’t allow myself to use much for a few days because

I studied and then took several finals :/…

Then, Thursday I rejoiced because my summer break officially started!!

I then spent the weekend at the lake…

And now I sit here before you, excited about the fact that I will be blogging much more frequently and not nearly this many things will occur before I talk to you again.

What have you been up to lately?

Cake Decisions

My birthday is on Wednesday. I finally decided on a cake. It was one of the toughest decisions I have made in a long time.

I say that to emphasize the difficulty of the decision, not the lack of decisions I make on a regular basis.

First I considered Tiramisu cake. But, I had that last year. I have no qualms about being a repeat outfit offender. A repeat cake offender I will not be.

Tiramisu cake it was not. (It is really delicious though, I’ll have to give you the recipe sometime).

I  next considered Goat Cheese Cheesecake. I firmly believe that everything is better with the addition of goat cheese.

But, Red Velvet Cheesecake was eaten just a few days ago for my sister’s birthday (yes, I said Red Velvet Cheesecake).

Cheesecake was out of the picture.

Strawberry-Lime Stuffed Cupcakes were next considered

Fresh and fruity, these were certainly in the running. In my book fruit > chocolate during the spring and summer. Don’t worry, I’ll give you my chocolate if you give me your fruit.
And your goat cheese. I like goat cheese.

The cupcakes look delicious, but something wasn’t quite right. I was getting somewhere with the strawberry idea though. You see, I actually don’t like cake that much(bashing chocolate and cake in one post, who do I think I am?). After way too much time on, I finally made my decision.

I decided on Frozen Strawberry Lemon-Basil Mousse which will be served in pie form.

It’s not your typical birthday cake.

I don’t consider myself your typical birthday girl.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

What is the best birthday cake you’ve ever had? Do you even like cake? What’s the most difficult decision you’ve  made recently? Repeat outfit offender or repeat cake offender, which is worse?