Spinach + Prom

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I enjoyed all of your lovely suggestions on how to use up all the spinach. Popeye was onto something; spinach can be great! A few of my favorite uses…

Warm Strawberry Bacon Orzo Salad served up with a yummy turkey burger.

If you don’t think you like spinach, try it with bacon. You might just change your mind :)

Dark mixed green + extra spinach + strawberries + baby yellow tomatoes + red onion + goat cheese + chicken. Super simple yet extremely tasty. A light drizzle of balsamic + olive oil + seasonings was added post photo op.

Other ways I enjoyed eating spinach: Green smoothies, with hot pasta, sautéed. I really can’t remember all the ways I used it!

Onto more important matters (spinach isn’t the most important thing in life? what?). Prom was last night.

I have a general policy of avoiding school dances. I haven’t been to one since homecoming freshmen year (I’m a Junior now). I’m really not sure; they just aren’t really my thing. I considered skipping out on prom. But, did I really want to sit at home alone while all my friends were at prom? Or watch all my friends upload pictures onto Facebook and not be tagged in any of them? Umm, heck no! I didn’t want to miss out on the festivities!

And you know what I realized? If you’re being crazy and having a good time, no one even notices your dancing skills…or lack thereof :)

Have you every been to prom? Do you like dances?

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22 thoughts on “Spinach + Prom

  1. All the spinach dishes look delicious! I’m glad you found some tasty ways to use it :)
    I didn’t go to prom because none of my friends were going, but I like going to dances (at least the getting ready part :) ). I’m positive I’m going next year though – can’t miss senior prom! :D
    I’m really glad you enjoyed prom, girlie!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your dress and the way your hair is done…. oh and your corsage is sooo pretty !! :) <3

  2. You look so pretty, Ann Claire! I love your dress – purple looks great on you!
    I’ve never been to prom before (I’m only a freshman!) but I’ve never been too fond of school dances. I’m a terrible dancer, so I only go to have a good time with my friends and goof-around!
    Glad you had a great time! :-D

  3. I made that spinach orzo salad a couple of days ago and I agree..the bacon was killer!
    Unfortunately, no one else liked it ): “Too much goat cheese”. They’re just crazy. :P

  4. soooo beautiful! Purple is a FABULOUS color for you!! <3

    My fav ways to use up spinach are to toss em in smoothies, sautee it with garlic and mushrooms, or make a giant salad like yours with lots of feta and craisins =) delish!!! that salad is calling my naaaame! <3

    So nice to "meet" you!!! =)

  5. Lovin’ those eats girl! I agree- spinach CAN be delicious indeed XD
    I love sauteeing it ♥

    Your prom dress is GORGEOUS btw, and your date is a total cutie. I love the corsage! I hope you had a really good time, good for you for showing up! I am sure you don’t regret it at all ;)
    And I love dances! But I love dancing, so Idk :P

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  7. you look beautiful! :) Our prom was a little different; my graduating class was just 130 people (private school!) and it was not a date dance; it was just for our class. It was fun but I kind of wish I’d had a “normal” prom experience too ;)

    I liked dances sometimes… depended on who i went with. kind of fun to dance a bit and i LOVE getting all dressed up!!! I miss that about school dances ;)

    • Thanks! I go to private school too! There’s 160-170 or so in my grade. But, it’s a junior/senior prom so combined there’s quite a few of us so it’s a pretty traditional prom. Getting dressed up is the best :)

  8. Aww! So glad you decided to go! I’m totally the same way about dances. Eekkk! But then its like” gosh, i hate watching them have all the fun!”
    But then again dancing really ain’t my cup of tea! I should probably just stay away from them!! :)

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