Lent and Going Sweetener Free

Lent. As a Catholic, I definitely take part in the Lenten season which started this past Wednesday; however, I’m typically not a big fan of giving things up for lent. I just don’t find it that effective in growing spiritually during lent. For some people it’s great; for me, it’s not. Giving up some unhealthy food or habit probably makes me a bit healthier; however often I forget the main reason I’m giving said unhealthy thing up  which of course is to use my little tiny sacrifice as a way to unite myself with Jesus and His big giant sacrifice.

That being said, I’ve decided to give something up this year. I still primarily want to focus on doing good acts and growing in virtue this Lenten season; however, I have decided to go sugar free for lent. Actually, scratch that, sweetener free. Tuesday evening I said so long to not only white sugar, but also agave, stevia, honey and all other sweetening devices. Four days in and my commitment to being sweetener free has already been tested numerous times.

Friday afternoon I even made a batch of traditional chocolate chip cookies for some friends and family. I’m proud to say I didn’t so much as lick dough from the beater, nor did I eat a single cookie. I’ve realized that watching others enjoy the  food I make is actually better than eating my self. Still, nothing sounds better right now than a big chewy overly sweetened cookie. 42 days until Easter.

I’ve already determined that come Easter Sunday I will be making Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Fudge Cupcakes from How Sweet It Is.

How Sweet It Is

I think they’ll be worth the wait :)

Do you celebrate Lent? What’s your opinion on giving things up? Any delicious sugar free recipe you’d like to share?

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16 thoughts on “Lent and Going Sweetener Free

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my About page. For some reason comments on the pages aren’t working, only on my posts — trying to get it figured out! Just wanted to let you know that I did see it, and appreciated it. Sounds like even our blog names are similar, and from reading your post I think we have much in common ;)

    I strangely love the Lenten season — I think it’s the spiritual form of a “detox” for me. The biggest and most important thing I gave up was the first hour of my morning. I tend to rush through prayer, meditation, and just being present and thankful, so that time is now set apart from computers and other distractions. Hope you have a rich season :) Look forward to following your blog. <3

  2. Sweetener free – good for you!! :) I’m not sure I could do it. Well, I guess I could still eat my peanut butter (it’s unsweetened), and I could still eat Baker’s 100% chocolate, so maybe I could to it ;) And those cupcakes definitely do look like they’re worth the wait!!! Mmmmm!!

    And I was reading through your posts and saw that you are going to spend your summer in Colorado? I live in Colorado :D

    Good luck on going sugar free!! I know you can do it! :)

  3. Wow, I’m impressed! I’m a huge stevia fan! Hmm, sugar free recipe. You could make some banana soft serve! Just make sure your bananas are really ripe so you don’t need any added sweetner!

  4. I thought about doing that, but I’m a wimp :( I’m like, addicted to stevia. It’s not good! I bet you anything those cupcakes will probably taste way too sweet to you once you’ve given up sweetener for 40 days, but it’s still something to look forward to! Are you factoring in added sugars in products to this?

    • I’m sure you could do it, but I definitely think that having some stevia is one’s diet is totally healthy.You’re probably right about the cupcakes. At least all my family will enjoy them! It will be interesting to see though, I honestly can’t imagine myself not thinking a dessert like that is too sweet. I often find sauces and dressing to sweet but never desserts….only time will tell!

      As far as added sugars I’m avoiding them but not 100%. I don’t eat things like bottled salad dressing or bbq sauce, but certain things with just a tiny amount of added sugar I will eat. For example, my favorite salsa has sugar as the very last ingredient. I checked the nutrition label and it has 1gram of sugar total, most of which I assume comes from the tomatoes. I will eat that salsa because it is such a tiny amount and because I love it.

      Thanks for commenting!

      ~Ann Claire

  5. Hey!! i participate in lent too, i am catholic as well. however, i don’t feel that i overly indulge in anything. so i decied to try to go to stations of the cross every week, read the bible with my mom, and LIMIT my coffee intake. i would have a weekness…HONEY, i would have a hard time giving it up. love it sooo much.

    • Weekly stations of the cross is great, I love stations because they always get me in the right lenten mindset. Honestly, honey is probably the thing I miss the most. I like to add just a bit to things like salad dressings, oatmeal and tea. Come Easter it will definitely be back in my life :)

      Thanks for commenting!

      ~Ann Claire

  6. Congrats on giving up sugar for Lent! I could actually think of no better reason.
    And those cupcakes you’re planning on making look delicious…my oh my!

    So glad to hear from you !

  7. That’s great that you’re giving up sugar for Lent!

    I am also Catholic so yes, I celebrate Lent. I gave up Facebook because I was a total FB addict and it was taking up too much of my time. haha. I prefer to give up something like that rather than something that seems like a second shot at a new year’s resolution, which really isn’t what Lent is about.

    My favorite sugar free recipe is Katie’s fudge babies (http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/baby-making/). Even my non-healthy eating friends like them! :D


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