Guilt Free by The Foodie Mom

Hey guys! Today I present to you a very special guest post from non other than my amazingly wonderful mother! All culinary knowledge I have has come directly from her so I figured today I’d let you hear it directly from the source.

I love what my daughter is doing with her blog and I commend her healthy eating habits.  She has definitely been a positive influence on me and the rest of our family.  We have always eaten a lot of fruit, but now we eat more vegetables and leaner, smaller cuts of meat.  The main struggle I have with her dietary habits is the lack of dairy.  I have never been a milk drinker and I don’t believe that dairy is an essential part of healthy eating; I simply love cheese.  Here are some things I can’t live without: a hard cheese shaved over pasta, gruyere melted between buttery slices of whole grain bread, and, my favorite, sharp cheddar on a good, old saltine cracker. What I am willing and able to do is eat smaller servings of cheese and indulge in them less frequently, and I think that is a healthy balance.  Whatever your weaknesses are, whether it’s cheese or chocolate or Cheetos, I urge you not to live without them just moderate your intake and feel NO guilt when you partake.  Here is something I enjoy that you won’t hear about from my flourishing foodie:

Greek Yogurt Parfait – Fill a pretty, footed, individual bowl (Presentation is important to me; if it’s not to you, put it in anything you like.) with desired amount of plain Greek yogurt.  Slice a few strawberries and heap them on top.  Sprinkle with pistachios that you have toasted and lightly salted.  Finally, drizzle a little honey over the top.  You may repeat this order to make as many layers as your container allows.  This can be enjoyed any time of day, but I suggest you try it for breakfast. 



the foodie mom (Lesli)

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9 thoughts on “Guilt Free by The Foodie Mom

  1. How sweet! What a great post, foodie mom!!!

    “I urge you not to live without them just moderate your intake and feel NO guilt when you partake”—-Totally agree!

    The parfait looks gorgeous, by the way. You are right-Presentation IS important :) For food that is…

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