Nutritious or Nothing

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I was listening to the radio a few days ago and they were discussing a guy who ate only Twinkies and lost weight. He did it to prove that weight loss it about counting calories and it doesn’t matter what you eat. While yes, in order to lose weight, one must consume fewer calories than they burn, I believe that, in order to truly be healthy, it is important for one to consider what they are putting into their body. While he may lose weight eating the Twinkies, I question whether he is truly any healthier. Besides, who would want to eat only Twinkies? Gross!

So, I just wanted to share with you an essay I wrote for school regarding my diet and why I eat the way I do. It had to start with give me (blank) or give me (blank) as we were learning about Patrick Henry and his famous, “Give me Liberty, or give me Death.”

Nutritious or Nothing

 by Ann Claire

Give me nutrients or give me hunger. If given a choice, I’d rather starve than eat the artificially processed rubbish that many companies market as food. I choose to eat healthfully because wholesome food helps me to feel optimal, to be fueled, and to stay fit. The number one reason I choose to eat the way I do is because I feel most excellent physically and mentally when I eat well. Only when I eat a diet consisting of numerous vegetables and fruits, plenty of nuts, grains, and legumes and a bit of meat protein, do I feel my best. Too much sweetener and chemicals leave me feeling sluggish and lethargic. Fresh food helps keep my body and mind aware and responsive. Furthermore, eating nutritiously helps  fuel me for the numerous other activities in which I participate. When I consume nutritious food, I am much more focused and, consequently, perform better in academics, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. I would even go so far as to say that eating well helps me spiritually. Eating fresh wholesome foods makes me appreciative of the beautiful plants God has provided for us, and I feel so well when I eat natural food that it makes me thankful for the body God has given me and the many things it is capable of doing. Additionally, consuming nutritious food helps me to stay fit. While our bodies are only with us for a short time, in the grand scheme of things, I truly believe it is a sin to not take superb care of the body God has given to each of us. Nutrient rich food allows my body to be strong and capable of performing any task set before me. Healthy eating helps me to live a long, rewarding life. On the whole, eating wholesome and natural food helps me to feel my best, to be prepared for all other activities, and to take good care of my body.

What motivates you to eat the way you do?

What do you think of the Twinkie diet guy?

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10 thoughts on “Nutritious or Nothing

  1. ew, i don’t like the idea of an all-twinkie diet..that’s gross!!!! love your paper, i eat the way i do to prevent any sickness, diabetes, cancer..etc. plus i feel better when i eat good!!! :)

  2. Hey! This is a first time for me visiting your site because of your comment on my blog! I love your paper :) I wrote a paper once for class and posted it on my blog, too ;) Mine was called How (Not) to Lose Weight. It was a satirical paper about the strange diets in america…

    Anyway, nice to find you!

  3. Totally agree with you, girl! I think the Twinkie experiment was interesting because it proved it is caloric intake that leads to weight gain and loss, but hopefully it doesn’t send the wrong message that weight loss is equivalent to healthy! Because… it’s not *always* :)
    great post!

  4. That Twinkie guy is gross! I do understand the factthat he was trying to prove a point- and he did. But eating nutritiously is definitely the way to go for me! I eat healthily because of the benefits it has on my body and because it makes me feel great! I love love LOVE veggies and fruit because they’re colorful and really fun to cook with XD

    Great paper!!!

  5. Great essay! I was going to write on the Twinkie guy too. The whole thing is absurd. Yes, reduce calories, lose weight – it doesn’t matter what you eat. Lose weight, cholesterol goes down – yes again. Does that mean a long term diet of reduced calories with twinkies will keep him healthy. Um, no.

  6. Great essay–I couldn’t agree more with your perspective on nutrition and eat whole, fresh foods, as opposed to the processed junk. The thought of subsisting on Twinkies is disgusting! That guy needs an intervention :)

    Happy Saturday to you!

  7. Ick . . . I heard about that Twinkie guy. Its just so stupid. Its like trying to prove you can live on nothing but Guinness. I mean in the long run all you really prove is that you have no respect for your body.
    Its not all about calories, when will people figure that out?

  8. Hadn’t heard about the twinkie guy…but I guess he made his point! While I do think it’s something that people should understand (calories in v. calories out and the energy gap) I also hope people won’t take it too seriously and follow suit. I guess what it all comes down to is – do you just want to lose weight, or do you want to lose weight AND be healthy? Aa lot of people just want to lose weight through any kind of means. It’s a good start…but, not much better than their previous state :(
    Excellent paper, too. I couldn’t agree more!!

  9. Ew gross! I can’t imagine how yucky I would feel if I ate nothing but twinkies. Gross! I’m sure you could “lose weight” that way, but it definitely wouldn’t be healthier!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m adding you to my reader! :)

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