Dr.Kracker Review Part I

My recent lack of posting has had nothing to do with a lack of cooking. I have made many dishes recently that I can’t wait to tell you all about. Unfortunately, do to camera/uploading issues I currently cannot tell you about the recipes using pictures. And a post without pictures is like a post without fun, so I’ve decided to wait until the issue is resolved to tell you about my recent culinary creations. I considered resorting to extremely low-quality cell phone pictures, but you guys deserve better!
Anyway, I realized I have a product review that is long overdue. I was excited when I discovered I already had some pictures uploaded of this particular product. What product am I referring to?
Dr.Kracker of course!
George Ekrich, one of the company founders, was kind enough to send me an array of their products to review.
So what kind of products does Doctor Kracker make?
“Our Flatbreads and Snacker Krackers are 100% percent natural, and USDA certified organic. We bake with whole grains and seeds, and none of our crackers contain trans fats. From Pumpkin Cheddar to Seedlander, there’s a seriously delicious Dr. Kracker for everyone in your family.”
They sent me 3 of there snacker crackers and 3 of there flat breads.
For this post I am just going to review of the snacker cracks, but check back soon for my review of the flat breads.
I received the Fire Roasted Crisps, the Apple Crisps, and the Cherry Semolina Crisps.
First up. Apple Crisps

My first impression was that I really liked these little guys. They have a fantastic texture, very crunchy and the oats and seeds on top to keep things interesting.
My mom and I both enjoyed these. However we both had one major problem with these crackers. We couldn’t taste the apple flavor at all. If you’re going to call yourself apple flavor, I expect you to be able to deliver. They were also a bit sweet for me. I was disappointed to find out the ingredient list included cane sugar, butter and brown sugar. All in all, still a really good cracker. Especially good topped with a little almond butter, yummy :)
Onto the Cherry Semolina
(I actually forgot to take a picture of these but found this one here)
I honestly have no complaints about the cherry crackers. The flavor was great; you could taste the cherry but yet it wasn’t over powering. The cherries also added a nice chewiness to the texture which was a great contrast to the crunchiness of the cracker itself. My favorite of the culinary crisps.
Fire Roasted Crisps
The package boasts “Tart sun dried tomatoes and rich sweet potatoes, blended with black sesame seeds, chili peppers and organic cheddar cheese. “
The texture of this cracker was my favorite of the three culinary crisps I have tried. The black sesame seeds just really added something to the overall texture of these crackers which put them over the top. These crackers also I had a nice bold spiciness to them. Overall, I really enjoyed the flavor and texture of these crackers. Unfortunately, they seemed to make my stomach feel a bit weird. I think it might have something to do with the spiciness. Still a very good crackers.
Bottom Line: Doctor Kracker is a wonderful company which is makes fantastic Culinary Crisps (more on the flat breads later). I highly recommend them to anyone (and no I am not required to say nice things about them).  Another bonus is that they are widely available. They even sell them at some Costco’s! For a list of locations near you where they are sold go here
What are you waiting for? Go buy yourself some Dr.Krackers. Now
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6 thoughts on “Dr.Kracker Review Part I

  1. Nice review! That's too bad about the apple one.. maybe if they put more apple and less sugar/butter it would have turned out better! For some reason companies think we need a sugar overdose when really, the true flavors are more than good enough.

  2. I tried the Pumpkin Cheddar Dr. Krackers and they weren't that great. I'm pretty sure it must have been a stale bunch because I've heard nothing but good things about them. I'll definitely have to try again! :)

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