Home is Where the Healthy Food is

I”m back! So what’s the reasoning for this long blogging absence anyway? Well I’ve been out of town for the past week and a half. The first few days spent at my grandmothers and the rest at the lake, neither of which provided computer access. Sure, I could have blogged more from my phone. Why didn’t I you ask?
Well, who wants to spend time staring at a screen when they could be swimming, kayaking, skiing, wake boarding, fishing, jet skiing, boating, or even watching the sunset over the water…………..

I’ve enjoyed many wonderful dishes since my last food post.

Some yummy fish and veggies topped with mango salsa, with coleslaw and new potatoes on the side.

or how about the delicious cilantro black bean burgers I mentioned in my last post?

                                                                  Prior to cooking.

Post cooking, topped with tomatilla-avocado salsa and diced tomatoes. Squash and strawberries completed the meal. (I promise I eat tons of fruits and veggies besides squash and strawberries, not sure why this is their second blog appearance on the same plate. For normality sake, I left them separate this time :)). I actually enjoyed the black bean burgers and tomatillo salsa multiple times while gone, it was that good. Never fear, I will be posting the recipe for both very soon. If you want it sooner, feel free to email me and ask.
Though I had lots of fun while out of town, I’m glad to be back. It’s so much easier to prepare delicious, healthy food at home with my own ingredients, kitchen, ect. After all home is where the healthy food is, right? ( wait, is that not how the saying goes?)
Question of the Day: What is your favorite healthy on the go snack?
Thanks for reading,
Ann Claire

P.S. My apologies for the low quality cell phone pics in this post. I forgot to back my camera.

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6 thoughts on “Home is Where the Healthy Food is

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! If you try the salsa, please let me know what you think . . . any my favorite portable snack has to be oranges or apples. Whole fruit is just the most filling.

  2. Hey! I'm so glad you discovered my blog. I, too, like discovering other teens who are into healthy eating! Eating healthy as a teenager is really totally different than most teens because it is known for teens to have the worst junk food habits! I just read you "about" page and saw that you played tennis. I do, too! I play every day, and I play competitively. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Thanks for reading our blog! It is great to finally find so many teen bloggers out there with the same interests. It sounds like you had fun on your vacation. That mango salsa sounds good, it seems to be a big thing in the blog world right now though! My favorite on the go healthy snack is Luna bars. I am obsessed with these. They give me so much energy, they keep my full, and they have awesome nutritional stats. -CourtP.S. I cannot wait to read more :)

  4. Lol, I love the title of this! That is awesome. :) I completely agree; it is SO much easier to prepare healthy, wholesome meals at home. Vacations are fun, but I really don't enjoy being gone for too long. I start to miss my kitchen. :PThose cilantro black bean burgers look incredible, Ann Claire! I can't wait for the recipe. :)

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